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Steady growth in our forty year history was stunted after the financial crisis led the Federal Government to invest billions for stimulating the economy. At Land Auction Service we’ve taken advantage of our industry’s growth in government surplus equipment from developing long term relationships with our local government leaders. The Land Family is from Fort Myers but we’ve been providing our local customers and global buyers with above average inventories on a consistent basis. We attract new buyers and retain loyal consignors by removing bureaucracy and yielding the smoothest buying and selling experience you’ll find in the auction industry.

The upcoming auction on Saturday, November 21st at 9:00am is expected to be the biggest event Land Auction Service has ever hosted, and will fill the Lee Civic Center in North Fort Myers with a large amount of buyers, government surplus equipment, and vehicles.


Check out our sister company Florida Truck and Equipment for your immediate equipment needs in between our seasonal auctions.




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