Auction Week

Land Auction Service Provides Organized and Efficient Auctions

In order to make the auction process as fast and efficient as possible, we are currently accepting inventory for our next sale, and can start marketing your assets today. Once your items are consigned with us, transportation to the sale site can be take place as soon as two weeks before the Saturday Auction. The address for drop off is Gate 2 of the Lee County Civic Center, 17634 Old Bayshore Rd North Fort Myers FL, 33917. Inventory will not be accepted after 12 Noon on the Thursday before the Auction, at this time all consigned items (to include their titles) must be onsite, in order for them to be sold at that sale. Vehicles/ Trailers and Marine vessels will not be sold if title or Certificate of origin are not submitted by the Thursday before the sale.

We recommend having you Assets on site as early as possible due to potential bidders traveling through the auction yard on a regular basis. 

Thank you in advance!

Seller Steps

Whether you are a first time seller or a long time consignor, we ask you use the following steps to ensure a maximum bid for your order:

Step 1- Enter Your Inventory

Call or Email us to enter your inventory a month or two in advance of our next auction. Our phone number is (239) 936-4121 or 1-877-936-4121. Email us at We can enter your equipment onto Proxibid to find international buyers and on our web platform to distribute to targeted buyers nationwide as well as start receiving bids immediately.

Step 2- Prep Work

Gather all titles, keys, owner’s manual, and documents needed to change ownership and prep your equipment to be presentable so people want it.

Step 3- Transport Equipment to the Auction

Now that your products are entered into the auction you’ll need to physically transport them to the auction unless it is an offsite piece of equipment. We auction choice pieces during our regular auctions to ensure we have as many bidders as possible.

Step 4- Consignment Paperwork Process

A consignment number will be issued to the seller upon completion of the consignment contract. This number allows us to track your items throughout our system internally and complete the selling process efficiently and correctly. Once your assets are entered into our inventory system with your assigned consignor number, a copy of the consignment agreement showing all terms, lot descriptions, and fees will be issued immediately for your records.  At that time if you are interested in bidding on other equipment you may also sign up for a buyer number. 

Buyer/Bidder Sign Up Process


Online bidders will need to register and be approved through 24 hours before the auction begins.  Onsite bidders can register up to two days before and on the morning of each auction. If you are a first time buyer with Land Auction Service, we do require a $200 cash deposit, which is fully refundable when bidder card is retuned. At that time the deposit will be applied towards any items purchased.