About the Company

Land’s History

Land Auction Service is a family owned and operated company that has been conducting ethical business in Southwest Florida over the past 50 years.

Frank Land founded Land Reality Inc. in 1970 with the help of his dedicated wife Nancy. Frank turned his Real Estate business into an Auction business and started what is now the largest Equipment and Machinery consignment auction in SW FL.

Frank was a long time member of Florida Auctioneers Association, Board of Director and Past President. He was a past Aircraft Officer for fifteen years at Cub Club, Inc. He was a member of the East Fort Myers Rotary and sat on the board of Gulf Shore Bible College of Ft. Myers. He was a former Trustee of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Frank graduated from Fort Myers High and was inducted into Fort Myers Green Wave Football Hall of Fame in 1996. He attended University of Tennessee on a football scholarship. He also attended South Georgia College. He was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Literature from Gulf Shore Christian College of Fort Myers, FL.

Frank distinguished himself by leading Sunday school ACTION campaigns in over 500 churches throughout America. He was frequently called an inspirational/motivational speaker. He wrote “How I Enrolled 250,000 in Bible Study” and as a layman, he has probably enrolled more people in Sunday school than any other person in Florida.

Frank was a man of faith, true to his word, honest, loving family man, a great business & personal Leader. Frank touched thousands of lives and will be forever missed.

In December 2014, Land Auction Service lost its founder, Frank Land, who left behind his great legacy for his family to follow. Following in his grandfather’s footsteps, Brandon Roy, is now the company’s President.

Brandon is finished his six years in the Marines honorably as a Corporal in the Infantry. Brandon grew up going to auctions with his Grandpa Frank where he learned the values needed to conduct honest business and foster relationships by making the auction process easy as possible for his customers.

Brandon’s entire life has been surrounded by heavy equipment and auctions so his experience is invaluable to us and our customers benefit. The Land Auction Service way is to go above and beyond to achieve superior customer satisfaction. Whether you’re short a tie down strap, need a hand unloading your equipment, or need help starting equipment, our staff will drop what we’re doing to make it happen.

land auction service's history in a timeline

Land Today

Southwest Florida has a leader in Heavy Equipment and Machinery auctioneers and it’s Land Auction Service. With six auctions a year for the last decade and over forty years in the auction industry, we have perfected our craft and continue to improve when technology provides the opportunity or a better strategy presents itself. Our auctions and services are conducted in a professional manner where the customer is treated with the utmost respect, and we start off each auction with the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation.


Many changes have been taking place in 2015 with a new website and auctions changing to quarterly instead of every two months. The August 1, 2015 auction was the first seasonal auction and we had double the inventory as normal, and this took place during the “Off Season” time in Florida where a lot of buyers are up north during the August heat. The quarterly change has provided far more value for both consignors and buyers.


Proxibid is the leader in online auctions for a great reason as they enable Land to work with national buyers and international outsourcers moving equipment across the globe.

Land Tomorrow

Land Auction Service will continue to keep same values and direction that we’ve always based our reasoning of doing what’s right and looking you in the eye while telling the truth. Our goals are to make you feel like a part of our family by going above and beyond for the customer in a transparent environment. As always we will not allow anyone to sell or bid on equipment if they exemplify shady behavior or have shown a history of unethical practices.

The growth our company has shown the last few years has enabled us to invest in a marketing platform to attract global buyers and exporters to our auctions both in person and online. Our auctions are larger by having them seasonally and from further expanding our relationships throughout most of Florida. Growth will continue to come with selling large off site equipment from Houston, TX to Philadelphia, PA.

Moving forward, Land Auction Service will progress by offering invaluable services to our consigners and buyers. Working with us, you will find yourself surrounded by the market’s most honest, professional, and committed auctioneers and staff. Through hard work, dedication, and customer appreciation, Land Auction Service will maintain its foundation that was built on our core values over 45 years ago.

Mission Statement

Deliver superior auction services to the public with unwavering transparency.


Company Vision

Deliver a professional auction service with a family atmosphere that will spread nationally with unbeatable customer service.


Core Values

  • Service: At Land Auction Service we believe community service and charity is necessary for a healthy community. We proudly support and employ veterans who fought for our freedom as well as those who volunteer home and abroad.
  • Integrity: A handshake means something with Land Auction Service as integrity is our proudest quality.
  • Passion: Going the extra mile is easier when you love what you do and people are happy to come back and see you. Our family business has grown into a busy job but we truly love the auction life and everything that comes with it.
  • Accountability: When working with Land Auction Service you meet us several times a year and we prove our industry knowledge and customer service with accurate estimates and following up on our word.